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RAS is a common feedback system for Government e-services. Citizens can provide feedback against any request for feedback received through RAS system, for integrated services only.

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About RAS

Under the overarching vision of Digital India, Government of India (GoI) aims to make seamlessly integrated services across all Government departments accessible to citizens. As the country prepares for Digital India programme, National e-Governance Division, a division of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, has developed a Rapid Assessment System (RAS) for continuous feedback for e-services delivered by Government of India and State Governments. This system has multiple channels for receiving feedback and is backed by analytics. These analytics will help integrated departments for continuous system improvement and better governance.


  1. A mechanism for continuous measurement of Quality of Service (QoS)
  2. A generic feedback system available to be used by all Government Departments
  3. An integrated electronic system for taking feedback from citizens


RAS provides an online mechanism for getting feedback from citizens on e-services provided by Governments across the country. Also, it facilitates analysing the feedbacks and generating knowledge out of it, which in turn, helps in improving the users/ citizens’ experience in availing public services.

Rapid Assessment System