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RAS is a continuous feedback system for e-services delivered


Under the overarching vision of Digital India, Government of India (GoI) aims to make seamlessly integrated services across all Government departments accessible to citizens. As the country prepares for Digital India programme, National e-Governance Division, a division of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, has developed a Rapid Assessment System (RAS) for continuous feedback for e-services delivered by Government of India and State Governments. This system has multiple channels for receiving feedback and is backed by analytics. These analytics will help integrated departments for continuous system improvement and better governance.


  1. Currently lengthy and tedious system of Assessment/Feedback
  2. No mechanism for continuous measurement of Quality of Service (QoS)
  3. No generic feedback system available to be used by all Government Departments
  4. No electronic integrated system for taking feedback from citizens


RAS provides an online mechanism for getting feedback from citizens on e-services provided by Governments across the country. Also, it facilitates analysing the feedbacks and generating knowledge out of it, which in turn, helps in improving the users/ citizens’ experience in availing public services.

Rapid Assessment System


The easy-to-use mobile app is available over Mobile Seva App Store and Google Play Store. The app is very small in size but would enable to provide feedbacks for all the citizen centric services integrated with RAS. Currently Android version of app is available.

  • Rapid Assessment System
  • Rapid Assessment System
  • Rapid Assessment System
  • Rapid Assessment System


  • Multiple channels of feedback - SMS, Portal and Mobile App

    Multiple channels of feedback - SMS, Portal and Mobile App

    Feedback provider can provide their feedback through various electronic modes as per their convenience. Departments has the flexibility and liberty to choose various channels which they want to activate for taking feedback.

  • Trigger based service integration with department process workflow

    Trigger based service integration with department process workflow

    It is a real time feedback system where the citizen would be able to provide feedback as soon as they avail the service. Departments decide the integration point in their electronic process workflow where the trigger should be generated to take feedback.

  • Integration through APIs

    Integration through APIs

    The application uses state of the art API based technology which makes it very simple for departments to integrate and use the feedback framework. The integration is technology agnostic, rapid, secure and safe.

  • Localization support (Multiple languages)

    Localization support (Multiple languages)

    As the application has to be used across the country in all e-gov applications, the feedbacks communication and questions should be in local languages. So, the application provides and supports the feature of language localization in major languages namely - Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil and Telegu.

  • Form builder

    Form builder

    The feedback forms are entirely customizable in terms of look and feel. The department name, logo, contact info, welcome message etc can be customized as per the depts. requirement on the fly.

  • User configurable

    User configurable

    It is a product based solution meant to be usable by different set of depts. The departments would have full control over the feedback process in terms of configuration changes required as per the states/depts need. The feedback lifecycle management feature enables depts. to decide the lifecycle of a feedback form. The dash boards are totally configurable and customizable as per the dept's. need.

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